My work highlights the socially acceptable patterns of mass consumption and how these affect humanity as a collective, as well as its individuals. I am drawn to observing, challenging and inverting personally and collectively held beliefs. Whether creating branded objects from materials with seemingly no value or fashioning objects of adornment out of recognisable everyday items, I try to push the boundaries of their acceptable uses to things of interest, fun and provocation.
The materials I work with are not limited to those used by traditional jewellers. Free access to the spectrum of available ingredients allows me to properly create the supporting product and convey the bigger idea.
Having worked over a decade in the interactive, virtual world of the web, building brand experiences online in advertising agencies was the very thing that pressed me to pursue the making of objects in the tangible world.
The politics of class, body image and consumer culture are prominent themes in my work.
October 2012
The artist reserves the right to evolve and transform from this statement.

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