Digital images of other jeweller’s brooches, slideshow app, iPhone 4 case, copper, enamel paint, stainless steel. (Warwick Freeman’s “Face Ache” brooch in view). 2012
Contains images of brooches by the following jewellers:
Pauline Bern
Renee Bevan
Warrick Freeman
Jacqui Chan
Octavia Cook
Andrea Daly
Jane Dodd
Margaret de Patta
Lisa Walker
Anna Wallis

Curate Your Own Brooch
Posted by noemi on 5 December 2012

Domain URL, graphics, sticker jewellery. 2012

See website here. Would you like a few pieces? Contact me and I’ll post you some.

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for
Posted by noemi on 1 December 2012

Inspired by Chris Jordan‘s photography of western consumption, attempts to take a snapshot at one person’s packaging waste and the attempt to transform it.  See website here.
Screen shot of
Posted by noemi on 21 September 2012
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