Cinema Series, Art in the Dark, Western Park, Auckland, New Zealand 2012
The pop legacy Andy Warhol left was the art world’s first foray in to the idea of ‘celebrity artist’. In my research of the artist, it seems with every new fact I learn, I seem to vacillate between thinking he was either a genius or a complete hack. After seeing the mesmerising screen tests he made at the Factory in the 60′s, I had to make my own. Jury is still out on genius vs. hack argument.
Music is “Preachin’ Blues” performed by the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
A sampling of Warhols screen tests pieces.
My favourite of his screen tests – Edie Sedgwick.

Screen Test I
Posted by noemi on 21 September 2012

Inspired by Chris Jordan‘s photography of western consumption, attempts to take a snapshot at one person’s packaging waste and the attempt to transform it.  See website here.
Screen shot of
Posted by noemi on 21 September 2012
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